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Patrick Eamon Carberry

I am one of the few full-time traditional Celtic Shaman’s practicing in the Uk and Ireland.


Shamanic Healing, Energy Healing, Energy Balancing, Angel  Healing, Shamanic Readings, Soul Readings

Animal Communicator

Animal Healing, Clairvoyant and medium

Having lived many past lives as a Shaman. Patrick has many lifetimes of skills to draw upon. 
Two of these past lives were in the last 400 years as a Native American Shaman.
With memories of Shamanism all the way back to Celtic and even stone-age times.

Patrick holds memories of these lives and his skills are carried forward from the old ways. Patrick's skills are from his past memories, spirit world and his power animals, which has worked with him through all these lives, he still works the same today as if nothing has changed.

Patrick said

 " As I was on a journey my power animal ( a beautiful black panther ) came to me and said "welcome back its about time" I questioned this and she replied "you have been a shaman in many lifetimes, I have always been your power animal" she brings these memories forward.

Patrick's skills is truly of the old Ways and comes from his past life memories not a text book.

Most, Shamans working today are using modern new-age or neo-shamanism. I hear the term 'Old Ways tried and tested over many centuries', however learned from a text book or 4 weekends over a years course. All forms of healing and Shamanism are of benefit and can help, at least they are trying. But from a text book and weekend courses it can be very limited. I fail to understand how this can be done, because a true shaman only takes, one apprentice sometimes two never more, to learn a life time of skills. The apprentice must be dedicated to others and learn for the right reasons. I have run many workshops looking for such an apprentice, I have yet to find one.

However I will continue my search if you are interested follow this link for instructions

Shamanic Apprenticeship

So Give Patrick a call on 07912368100

Animal / Pet Readings
Patrick is an animal communicator and can tap into your pet whether passed over or still on the earth.
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International Psychic Challenge Season 13
The First and currently only Celtic Shaman ever to  enter the International Psychic Challenge season 13 in Ukraine on TV channel STB.
Patrick E Carberry
second from left

 Psychics from all over the world came together to compete. Finishing number 8 in the world Patrick and Sharon number 7 were removed from the program to take part in murder investigations in a program call Psychic Investigation also in Ukraine.

When in Ukraine Patrick predicted in graphic detail a burning building, people dead, others running around wearing orange helmets and police. This information was given to a member of the television company STB Thinking this was a past event Patrick asked if this had happened in Ukraine, he was told no.

5 weeks later the exact images described that day appeared on Television around the world in  Maiden Squire, Kiev, Ukraine.
This was confirmed by that member of staff.

Other predictions were also made about China and New York at the same time.

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season 13


Complementary Therapies

Shamanic / Soul Healing 

Angel Therapy

Energy Balancing

Pendulum Dowsing

Shamanic Card / Soul Reading

Soul / Past Life Readings

Animal Healing

Animal Readings

Healing / Readings by Telephone

Spiritual House Clearing

Shamanic / Psychic Tudor

Holistic Massage

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